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The Fully automatic pneumatic double location Heat Press—as its name suggests—boasts not one, but two lower heat press plates. Its swing-type upper heating plate is able to move between the base plates, increasing productivity twofold.

Workflow is continuous, load a garment onto one base plate while the other is being pressed, then remove the finished garment and reload another. Regardless of loading and unloading, this heatpress continues to work and can easily power through a load of garments in less time than it would take a regular heat press to complete the job.

A touch screen that displays plate temperature and a timer controls the heatpress. A temperature limit can easily be preset, and the heat press will automatically shut off when it heats above your temperature restrictions for safety.

Let this heatpress offer you another hand, and press twice as fast with the twin heating press. Remember, two plates really are better than one.