FOREVER Multi-Trans - Self-Weeding Laser Hard Surface Heat Transfer Paper

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FOREVER's Multi-Trans Self-Weeding Laser Heat Transfer Paper offers a comprehensive solution for easier printing onto hard surfaces and ceramic substrate items without having to invest in specialty sublimation printing equipment or being limited to products that must be coated especially for the printing process. The Multi-Trans media can be applied to a wide range of items, such as: wood, metal plates, mugs, acrylic glass, nylon, mirror, magnetic foil, and lighters. The resulting transfers have excellent detail and quality, as well as being dishwasher friendly!

We recommend using the FOREVER Multi-Trans heat transfer paper with the OKI proColor White Toner Printers. Other printer toners may not be compatible with the process for lasting durability or accurate color transferring onto dark or colored objects and wood items.

  • Heat transfer paper for hard surfaces
  • Compatible with OKI white toner printers
  • Transfer on mugs, wood, metal plates, acrylic glass, nylon, mirrors and more
  • 1 year shelf life
  • This paper has a maximum shelf life of 1 year. We recommend storing your paper in an enclosed protective (plastic) bag away from excessive humidity, temperatures, and sunlight for best usage life.
  • Finished transfers onto mugs are dishwasher friendly.
Printer Compatibility:
  • This paper is guaranteed for use with the OKI White Toner Printers only. We cannot guarantee its use with other printers.
  • We recommend checking with the printer manufacturer or usage manual to see what temperature the printer fuses at. For best results, it is recommended to use a printer that runs no hotter than 350F, otherwise, the paper could potentially jam.
  • HP or Brother brand laser printers tend to run too hot for transfer papers, and the toners used are not very wash-resistant. Please make sure to test thoroughly prior to production with laser printers of these brands.
  • As with any transfer paper, we highly recommend testing the paper - both printing and pressing instructions - to find the best settings for your equipment and process before going into commercial production.
We encourage our customers to test the product before purchasing large quantities