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Product Description & Application
NovaSharp Diamond is a polyester-based, daylight-working, zero-process, dry-to-dry film for making plate-ready offset positives (or negatives) using a desktop computer and a laser printer. 
Features & Benefits
Translucent smooth surface film provides optimum latitude for exposure.
Higher toner adhesion and UV resistant images at lower levels of toner consumption.
In-line stabilised to provide superior dimensional and heat stability for colour seperation.
Back coated with anti-static coating to provide dust-free surface.Compatible with most laser printers & copiers.
Product Specification
Base :
Dimensionally stable polyester film
Total Thickness :
100 microns (± 3 mic)
Coating :
Double side coated
Sizes :
210 mm x 297 mm, 297 mm x 380 mm, 297 mm x 420 mm
210 mm x 356 mm, 297 mm x 350 mm
(Also available in custom sizes on request)
Available Packing :
100 sheets.
Shelf-Life :
Two years from the date of manufacture when stored in original packing at 20-25o C and 50-65 % RH.